Rasmus Violet Hill



Customer Testimonials

Unbelievable work ethic and an incredible team player. Came into a very difficult enterprise gig with a very unhappy client and has managed to turn things around in just a few weeks. Is willing to stay up late/wake up early for calls. Has a great way of explaining his logic/thought process to the client. It would be a pleasure to work with him/recommend him to other on any project moving forward. A real A+ Gigster. I think Rasmus is absolutely perfect for the large enterprise space that we are pivoting to be in exclusively.
— Caprise Turner, HQ Engagement Manager at Gigster, Inc
I just wanted to share how impressed we are with the work Rasmus delivered again today on the missing KPI screen. His efforts and quality of work besides creative mindset is outstanding.
— Laura Cieraad, Global Director Digital Innovation & Strategic Partnerships at GlaxoSmithKline
I had the pleasure of working alongside Rasmus on the design and development of an health related AI solution for a very large enterprise client. Rasmus is undoubtedly the most talented designer I have lately worked with. He has not only an incredible ability to listed and understand the clients needs, but also the capability to translate them into outstanding UX/UI design. Plus he is honestly just a great person to work with, which is not usual. I definitely look forward to work with him again in the near future.
— Vito Margiotta, Project Manager at Gigster, Inc (Co-Founder at Combined, Forbes 30u30, Googler)
all projects has exceeded our expectations
— Ken Hansen (CHRO) at Hansen Group
Rasmus is a valued and creative partner who always delivers on time. I give him my very best recommendation
— Peter Sjodin - Business Unit Manager at Gulf Oil
The impeccable eye for detail and immense efficiency is what virtually rendered other studios obsolete in my world
— Jesper Green (Founding Partner) at Converdiant
Violet Hill have conducted themselves with impeccable professionalism
— Martin Rowe (Product Manager) at Hansen Group
Rasmus is an extremely talented designer. He understands how a business works and succeeds in implementing working strategies between all domestic and international departments, clients and partners. He is a valued asset and I know he will do great things in the future!
— Mathias Ingvarsson, Founder And CEO Of RevolutionWear, Inc.