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I’m joining Earnd


I have decided to stay in Australia to join Earnd [Earnd Pty Ltd], as Lead Product Designer, a financial technology company backed by NAB Ventures with a mission to improve the financial health of employees across Australia.

I see an enormous potential in the team and a great opportunity in the problem we are working to solve.

Looking forward to the journey ahead - Stay tuned!


Earnd is the financial wellness benefit that helps employees avoid debt, late fees andexpensive, predatory debt. Backed by some of the biggest names in finance and working with leading groups across technology, financial services and retail in Australia, Earnd integrates with leading payroll and time & attendance systems and allows employees to seamlessly access their pay as they earn it.

The No.1 employee concern at work is financial stress and 46% of Australians live paycheck to paycheck - Earnd is about providing a solution that puts people first and supports employers in supporting their people.

16th floor in CBD.

16th floor in CBD.

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